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Yellow "journalism"

Posted on 2006.04.12 at 18:56
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

Over the years I have been called alot of things and 99.9% of the time it never bothers me.  I have been called hard to work with, ego driven, fat (that one is true), slow (Guilty), etc.

But call it a bad mood today but I have to scream bullshit because this guy actually tries to make you fans pay for his "inside news".

DAVE SCHERER of PWInsider reported, and I use that term very loosly, that I have been telling people that I will be at the ECW Pay Per View.  First of all, Dickhead, there is NO ECW PPV.  ECW is gone.  As much as we don't want to admit, its gone.  Its a WWE PPV so they can sell more DVDs.  And I have NEVER told anyone that I am going to do such a thing as go there.  Since I have been known to "Guild The Lillies" as he would like to tell you, which means I have been known to lie, he laughed and made light of it.  Ok Peckerface, who are these "people" I have told?  Considering it has been no one, who is lying now?

As I put in my Blog and Live Journal the only talks I have had with the WWE had to do with guys from ZERO1-MAX and that is because ITS MY JOB.  Never has my name come up from either them or me.  In fact you if you look I am scheduled to be at my OWN show on June 11.  So how am I telling "these people" that Dave Scherer wants you to pay him and believe?  Well its because I am not.  And you would think that he would ask his co-worker Mike Johnson, who is good friend of mine, if it was true.  But that would take a real journalist getting to the bottom of the story.  You should learn from Mike.  Whenever he hears something, good or bad, he comes to me and asks.

And maybe the thing that pissed me off the worst is that he said "Corino seems to have lost his way.'  What the piss is that?  Lost my way?  Why, because I wasn't going to cry over spilled milk when ECW closed?  Because I followed my dream and went to Japan and stayed there?  Because I like it there?  But I "lost my way" right Dave?  Who the shit are you to tell me what way I am?  I love Z1MAX.  Its my home.  Sorry if it wasn't all right with you to become a heavyweight but eating and not sticking a needle up my ass.  And with my body I would have had to but I chose, with the support of my bosses, to gain 40 pounds naturally.  I guess I lost my way huh?

If I would have heard about this from a website that doesn't charge you or make you sit through a million pop-ups that screw up your computer for "inside news" then I wouldn't have been pissed at all.  But this guy flat out made this shit up to take a personal shot.  If you want to take a personal shot, don't ask people to pay for it asshole.  I am taking personal shots at you now you freaking nerd but I am not asking anyone to pay for it.  At least guys that bury me don't ask people who are going to read it to pay for it.  Those people I respect.

It takes a lot of balls to sit behind your computer and make lies up about people Dave Scherer.  Maybe you can come to a show and face the wrestlers you lie about?  Oh wait, that would mean you would have to get off your ass and put your Internet muscles away.

Hey Dave, go fuck yourself.

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