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Happy Father's Day

Posted on 2005.06.16 at 09:23
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I want to wish all the fathers out there a very happy Father's Day this coming Sunday. Father's Day is actually my favorite holiday. Even more then Christmas believe it or not. I think it is because I am so lucky to have my son in my life and it is also the day he first said "Da-da". So it is a pretty special day for me. I also want to wish my father, Big Frank in North Carolina, a Happy Father's Day.

Last weekend was one of those weekends you need a few days away from before you get your real thoughts together. But after two days at the beach with Colby and Avery in Wildwood, NJ I am feeling fresh and ready to get back to work. Actually the beach was so hot on Tuesday and Wednesday. It had to hit 100 both days and the sand on my bare feet was about (as CW would say) a hundred and hell!

My weekend started out pretty easy as I boarded my NWA flight to Detroit. I love flying NWA because that is the airline I use to go to Japan and I have over 1.9 million miles flown on it so everyone knows me at the check in and security so I get to go through fast.

After I grabbed the rent-a-car I picked up Takao Omori and Samurai TV and got some food at Denny's. Omori loves Denny's (and Hooters, more on that later) and I realized that this was pretty much the first time that the two of us hung out together. Because Japan is very kayfabe still I usually get to say "Good morning" or "Thank you for the tour" with him and that is it. Omori is one of the good guys in our sport. A real good family man who comes alive when talking about his young son.

We then picked up Ricky Landell from the airport and made our journey to Waldorn, Michigan. Waldorn is a SMALL town and when I mean small town I am talking a population of 590 people. And I thought my town was small! We didn't have directions to the building except it was at the "Waldorn School" and I thought "well which school?" It didn't take me long to get an answer. I guess in a town of 590 there is only need for one school!

Samurai TV (and since I have known him for 4 years and still can not pronounce his name right he will now be known as Sammy) had the line of the day. When we pulled into town and saw nothing he yells out "Looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre"!!!

The show was OK. Everyone worked hard and the building was hot. I wrestled in a 3 way with Omori and Hoss Monahan and it turned out fine.

We stayed about 20 miles away in a town with no cell service. I mean no one had it. Not me, not Ricky, not Samurai TV, no one. I think maybe cell phones were illegal in this part of the woods. But our "suite" had a view of a beautiful golf course that would have had Jack Victory and CW going nuts for.

We took off pretty early the next morning to attend an autograph signing at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Bay City. Even though we drove Omori and Sammy they didn't come in with us. They saw a mall across the street and the Japanese love their malls! Since there was no one inside the restaurant Ricky drove them over to the mall for a while.

Buffalo Wild Wings looks like a Hooters-type place but the wings are totally different. I like hot wings but beware if you ever get hot wings there. Good Lord they were hot. I also got to meet a fan and his son that I have been talking with over AIM for a few months named Steve. I was actually happy that there were no fans at the autograph session (someone forgot to promote it!) so that I could sit down and talk with Steve and his son Timmy. They even brought me two books that Steve recommended to me and Timmy made me this real cool drawing!

Talking about the KOOS Book Of The Month Club I have to thank everyone that emailed me over the past week and a half with recommendations. So far I have gotten 77 book recommendations! I didn't even realize that 77 people read this LJ!!!

Saturday night was a very emotional (and I know I use the word very way too much but my English is limited!) for me. I achieved a dream of mine that I never thought I would. And I am sure that a lot of fans would not understand it but for me it was something that I will never forget. You see the first show I ever attended as a fan was at the Winnipeg Arena in Winnipeg, Canada when I was 9 years old and the main event just happened to be Nick Bockwinkel vs. Hulk Hogan for the AWA World championship. So as a kid I had a few dreams. One was to win the NWA World title (which I did in 2001) because it was the first title I ever saw on TV (Georgia Championship Wrestling in late 1981)and another was to win the AWA World championship because of my Canadian roots and it was the first World title I saw live. In 1990 when the AWA went out of business I knew that I would never hold that title. Heck in 1990 I never thought that I would actually be a wrestler. But when I read in '96 that Dale Gagne had purchased the name and was promoting show I was pretty interested in one day being the AWA champion.
It all seemed to go together in late 2004 when Antonio Inoki wanted the NWA membership back from ZERO-ONE (it was on loan to us since we started in 2001) and I suggested to Mr. Nakamura about joining the AWA. I know the AWA doesn't mean what it did in 1984 here in the States but it still meant a lot in Japan because of Jumbo, Saito, Hansen, and Bockwinkel. When ZERO1-MAX (they had made the name change around the time of joining the AWA) joined I didn't even think that I would be considered for a run at the title because I knew that it would be better to go on a Japanese wrestler first. Winning the AWA World title and especially from a guy like Takao Omori, who has more class then just about anyone that I have ever met before in my life, was something that I will never forget. It didn't matter how many people were in the crowd or what, it was that I got to fulfill another dream of mine. I have always said that I am the luckiest person that I know and have achieved almost all of my dreams (haven't wrestled Tully or Abby yet!) in this great sport and Saturday was no different.

Saturday night after the show we went to Hooters for a "post match celebration" which is also known as "Steve is hungry and needs 20 wings hot, naked, and all drums" and also because Omori and Sammy like to look at the girls. Ricky, who is young, tried to keep up with Omori beer for beer and lost bad. I don't drink anymore so it was fun to watch young Ricky try his best with Omori. After Hooters me and Ricky went out with a few of the UCW boys to a local hangout, which was supposed to be packed. It wasn't. And I don't think you can get a Coke in Bay City. I went up to the bar and ordered a round for the boys and I said "Two Jack and Coke's (the Jack Victory special), some girly drink, a beer, and a coke". Everything was right on except I got a water. No big deal. After that bar we went to another "bar", but it wasn't really a bar as much as it was someone's HOUSE! Yes, I think we stumbled in on a frat party.

After the frat party we go back to the Empire Motel. First mistake I thought when I heard that we were booked at the Empire MOTEL was "Oh jeez, there is a no-tell motel in Bay City" and it was. Boy was it ever! When we got there the lady, who couldn't speak much English and looked at us like we were foreign, said there were no rooms for us, which wasn't true considering I was looking right at her reservation book and it said "Brian from UCW, 3 rooms pre-paid" so we had to end up getting four rooms at $35 a night. Oh man, what a crap-hole this was. Omori swears that there was a ghost in his room because during the night his TV would just turn on out of the blue. My room was so dirty that I wouldn't even sleep under the covers. I put my towel over the pillows and got a few hours of sleep. If it wasn't for that hotel in Morcombe (I might have spelled it wrong), England that I stayed in last September, this would have been the worst motel of all time.

Sunday was an afternoon show before the ECW Pay Per View. Because the venue got changed a few times before the event we really didn't know where the heck we were going. What we thought was a 2 hour drive turned into 4 hours because we had to stop for an hour at a Cracker Barrel (such a racist name!!!)and Sammy pretty much ordered everything on the menu. Once we got back on the road Jimmy Suzuki called us and told us that we would be surprised that the ring was in the parking lot of a movie theater. I don't know who was in charge of the promotion of the show or the "Corino Curse" was already taking over but there were only about 20 people there. In fact all 20 people stayed in their cars so I would put the attendance around 12 cars! It was like going to an old time drive-in movie theater and watching wrestling!

After the show Omori, Sammy, Suzuki, Ricky, Eddie Venom, and Alex Shelley went out to a Sushi restaurant where we got totally worked by the waitress. She tried to tell us that she was Korean but we heard her speaking Japanese to Jimmy Suzuki! I even tried to speak Japanese to her, much to the pleasure of Sammy and Omori, but she blew us off. But the food was good and desert was even better. Alex found a Dunkin Donuts down the road from the movie theater and Omori was hooked. After Alex and Omori bought a dozen donuts it was back to the movie theater to watch the ECW pay per view.

I never knew that you could actually watch a pay per view in a movie theater before. WOW, what a way to watch a show! Besides the asshole sitting next to us saying stupid things it was awesome. I tried to yell at him and get angry but Alex Shelley was making me laugh too much to get hot. It was so cool to actually sit there with a bunch of fans and just do that-be a fan again. I know a lot of people have criticized Mike Johnson from PWInsider.com for "marking out" but come on, this was a great PPV. The only thing I didn't like about it was that CW didn't get to wrestle. But hopefully there will be other ECW style PPV's that he can show his talents. A bunch of fans have asked me if I regret not being there and with all of my heart I can say no. But I would have regretted if I didn't watch it. Plus Ricky Landell and Alex Shelley had some great lines at the PPV. When Paul Heyman yelled "Watch your wives, its Edge", Landell hit "Only a blatant racial slur will be more shocking" and then when Stone Cold came down the ring Alex yelled out "Oh my God, he is going to give Sandman his gimmick back!". It was an awesome time.

Tuesday and Wednesday me and the boys went down to Wildwood, NJ and had some fun at the beach. I love the beach and right now it is not too busy down at the Jersey Shore. Colby and I are totally burnt but somehow the sun block worked on Avery.

Once again, thank you to everyone recommending books (keep them coming) and have a great weekend!

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